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Thank you so much for cooperation with us! In order to help you learn more details for our service, please kindly check our below service commitment.
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Our Service

Hunan Victory Paper and Plastic Packing Co.,Ltd has taken a leadership role in the plastic and paper cups market for many years by providing customer service through qualified and experienced staff.


We will try our best to provide our customers with high quality, competitive prices of product and excellent, thoughtful and fast service.


Pre-Sales service-----Professional and comprehensive pre-sales service guides and directs your purchase.

1. Assist material and size selection.

2. Assure artwork meet requirement.

3. Provide the customers with timing, specific and competitive quotations.


On-Sales service------Meticulous and scientific on-sale service makes your choice more worry-saving and reliable.

1. Review the contract, confirm or amend the uncertainties or the issues that have to be fixed through negotiations by both parties.

2. Assign production orders and arrange production as per requirement.

3. Supervise the production process at the scene and satisfy customers’ individual requirement.

4. Monitor the production schedule on a real-time basis to ensure punctual delivery.

5. Inspect the product conditions to ensure high quality.

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